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Frequent Questions about the WindFarms

What are the Actual Facts about the Wind Turbines in Paros?

I just heard about it. Is it something new?
-No, it started before 2010. The first time the Municipality was informed of what was going on, was in 2010. They decided to refuse such plans and to form a coalition with the other islands in the same predicament: Naxos, Tinos and Andros. On March 2014 it was decided to take matters to the Higher Court of Greece (ΣΤΕ). Unfortunately, until then, this was not widely known. On January 2015, an attorney was appointed to represent the Municipality of Paros in this litigation. On February 2015 a statement against the Windfarms was issued. The court date, which was set for February 2017, got postponed and the new date is for May the 25th .

On July 2016, the City Council decided to form a committee to coordinate the combined efforts of the Municipality, all the Associations of Paros, residents and Friends of Paros. Since then, a big number of informative events have occurred. Between the gatherings at “Archilochos”, the speeches made and the question in the Greek Parliament by KKE (Communist Party), the awareness of the residents of Paros keeps growing every day.

So, what’s the big deal? We are talking about a couple of small wind Turbines, like the ones in Kamares? -No. We are talking for a grand total of about 100, just on Paros. There will be 8 windfarms. The first two will be producing 36MW each, and they will have a total of 30-36 wind turbines. The ones in Kamares, are producing 3MW and they are about 70 meters high. The new ones (Enercon –E70) are about 115 meters high in total.

So these super-duper new wind turbines are of the latest technology!
-No, the Enercon -E70 was designed in 1998. Would you buy a 19 - 20 year old …new car?

What’s the big deal? What harm will 36 Wind turbines can do? -The infrastructure needed will be disastrous for the Paros Environment; they will have to make new big roads of 5 - 18 meters width, 15 km long to be able to bring these huge machines to the places to be installed. Plus new power columns, towers, and additional constructions in land that is virgin now. Remember, 36 of them are programmed only for Phase A.

I’m sure that the land owners have been adequately compensated.
-No. The land owners, mostly simple goat herders, were not properly informed. Their land was rent at ridiculously low prices, plus after 20 – 25 years it will be left destroyed. The Wind Turbines that are planned, will require 30.000 cubic meters of concrete for their foundation alone.

So what? Afterwards, they will be restored and recycled.
- Indeed, it is in the contracts. But the examples of old Wind Farms tell us that they are left ‘as is’ to rot. In some cases, the companies just declared bankruptcy. In such a case, the burden of recycling falls to the government, which, as we all know, has no money for that.

We all have to do our part for renewable energy, not just ‘someone else’
-Agreed! But should we destroy Paros in the process? Paros is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece, with huge benefits for our ailing Economy. Do we really need to turn it into an Industrial park that no one wants to visit?

Don’t you have laws in Greece protecting the Environment?
-Yes, we do. That’s the main reason we were confident that we would never get this far with the situation. Gradually, essential parts of laws changed in favor of the wind turbines, exceptions were issued, or simply ignored. And here we are!

But the benefits to the local society will be great!
-No. The Company is required to give 1,7 % of the gross income to the Municipality. That is an insignificant amount, given the size of Paros and the fact that it is a huge source of income for the State, being very popular for Tourists. If it was a small unheard of island or village, things might be different.

C’mon! At least the big Power Plant in Naousa will close down!
-No. Given that the wind is a highly unstable source, the Power Plant will have to stay fully functional, even upgraded, on reserve.

At least Paros will be self-sufficient
-Again, no. The power produced will go to the main grid, and from there it will be coming back.

OK, but the bill of ΔΕΗ will be reduced.
-No. Power produced by wind turbines, is more expensive than burning fossil fuel. Sad but true. The only way to keep things viable is with huge subsidies from the EU. Which, at some point we WILL HAVE to pay back. And we all know how well that turned out for Greece so far.

I see. Well, at least the money will go to Greek workers and a lot of job opportunities will happen
-Partly true. The main 4 stock holders of the Company, are Greek. The construction crews will be hopefully Greek. The materials for the foundations will be Greek. The wind turbines and additional machinery needed are made in Germany. And after everything is installed, only two people will be required for maintenance.

Still not convinced. Plus, I like the way they look!
-Even if you are one of the few that like the visual aspect of them, the undeniable damage to the environment and especially to human health is to be considered. Please, PLEASE, look it up. And I don’t even go to killing migratory birds.

They will attract many new tourists. I have friends from Germany and the Netherlands who enjoy looking at them!
-Are you kidding me??

Ok, ok, don’t get upset! What will they actually look like?

Why don’t they use small uninhabited islands to install them? The Aegean Sea is full of them!
- The cost would be 20-30% higher, for the extra infrastructure (ports, roads etc.) and they dropped it. But good thing you mentioned it! Please Google ‘terna-energy ai giorgis ‘ and enjoy the new look of the little island of Agios Georgios!

I bet the local Community is divided over this.
-No, actually, all the Political parties are against them. Even the Ecologists are against Wind Turbines of this size. They object to not having an alternative plan for self sufficiency though.

You keep talking about ‘The Company’. Who are they?
- So far, they are two companies: “ΑΙΟΛΙΚΟ ΠΑΡΚΟ ΓΟΥΡΛΕΣ Α.Ε” and “ΑΙΟΛΙΚΟ
ΠΑΡΚΟ ΣΤΡΟΥΜΠΟΥΛΑΣ Α.Ε.” According to the permits, the Stockholders for both of them, are:
Dimitrios Kopelouzos, Kyriaki Kopelouzou, Ioannis Samaras, Athanasios Pastirmatzis & “ENEL GREEN POWER HELLAS A.E”.

Is there material I can read so I know details of how things got so out of hand?
Yes, plenty, but it’s in Greek:

Is there a site where I can keep myself updated on events?

I am a technical person. I think you exaggerate/ I doubt that what you stated about the Enercon-E70 is true. I want to read for myself!

Let’s say you convinced me. Is there a petition?
-Yes!!! Finally! Here you are: https://secure.avaaz.org/el/petition/Ypoyrgeio_Perivallontos_Energeias_Ohi_stin_egkatastasi_anemogennitrion_stis_voynokorfes_tis_Paroy/?eOUqJlb 

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